History Monday: Presidents’ Day !

          Did you know that presidential code names have little to do with the actual ‘safety’ of the President?   Once upon a time….presidential code names were useful when radio and phone communications were “unsecured” and could easily be picked up by outsiders.   Nowadays, however, the military and the Secret Service can communicate over highly “secured” lines — making a presidential code name irrelevant.  Still, habit lives on…as you’ll see below.

          (Renee’s Aside: “All presidential code names are chosen by the U.S. Military.  George Bush, Jr was given his code name back during his ‘rowdy days’ when his dad –George Bush, Sr– was still President.  It takes too long to say, let’s go get ‘George who can really throw one back’.    So,  the Secret Service shortened it, and said,  instead, ‘Let’s go get Tumbler’ ….Tee, hee, hee”….)

special thanks: Code Name  ‘Pickle’

P.S.  Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service Code Name is “Evergreen”.  Evergreen!  Evergreen!   But–I thought?   Duh-Whuuuut???????…

President George Bush,Jr  Code Name: Tumbler

Code Name: Timber Wolf President George Bush, Sr 

President Bill Clinton  Code Name:  Eagle

  Code Name: Rawhide President Ronald Reagen

Can you guess President Kennedy’s ?  

                             (Renee’s Hint:  “Guinevere” )

President John F Kennedy 1   

                                                               President John F Kennedy

Code Name:  “Lancer”….

also…special thanks: The Washington Post (for the research).


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