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Future Friday: Glam Fabulous/House

February 29, 2008

Hillandale…For Sale For Only $95 million dollars….

Hillandale Main House

Hillandale Entry

Hillandale Sitting

Hillandale Sitting 2 

Hillandale Dining Room

Hillandale Breakfast Area

Hillandale Living Room

Hillandale Game Room

Hillandale Garden View

 Hillandale is the 263 acre estate of Liberty Travel Founder Gilbert Haroche.  The estate is on the Connecticut-New York border and has five homes, a Chapel, and a private lake.  The house is over 20,000 sq ft and has eight bedrooms, and an indoor swimming pool.  Hillandale was once owned by The Sulzberger Family, the longtime publishers of the New York Times….

Renee Ashley Baker will consider buying Hillandale if—Mr. Haroche lowers the price to say  $15 million….

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars.  (Renee Ashley Baker will purchase a house in Washington DC via Sotheby’s  International Realty for $5.2 million dollars….)


Movie Thursday: Glam Film/Glam Spy

February 28, 2008

Video:  What Will The Well Dressed Spy Be Wearing This Spring?….            Why,  Louis Vuitton, Of Course!

                                         GLAMOROUS  FILM  REMAKE ?


           A remake of “Casablanca” with the war in Iraq as the plot or backdrop?….Roger Simon thinks there should be one.  Roger Simon thinks a “buck”  of Hollywood’s current  “anti-Iraqi-war trend” would “work” cinematically and (in addition) be “popular” and “profitable” as well (in movie speak “Boffo Box Office!”)….

        So, let’s say our financing is in place (Mr. Murdoch at 20th Century Fox would have the gumption and the dollars).  Next, are our “lists”.  Who would direct?  Minghella?  He made “The English Patient” (which was brilliant).  Nichols?  He just made “Charlie Wilson’s War” (which “is” brilliant).  And—there has to be a “leading man” and a “leading lady”.  Julianne Moore comes to mind (but she starred in the English war movie/love story “The End Of The Affair” opposite the handsome and talented Ralph Fiennes).  Kate Winslet also comes to mind.  She could be “paired with” Harrison Ford in the “male lead”.  (Cate Blanchett and Harrison Ford would also be “great casting”)….

        They say–you should “never” remake a “classic” but if anyone could do it Roger Simon could.  Roger is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter who worked with the “diva” of all “movie divas”  La Streisand!!!    Roger Simon  is also the CEO of Pajamas Media.  Will Roger be a “Pajama Mogul?”.  Read Roger’s article on the “new media” (click link below)

Note:  Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars….

Casablanca poster

Glamorous Wednesday: Glam Fashion

February 27, 2008

                    Fashion 2

View Fashion Week  Video (click link below):

Movie Tuesday: Glam Flowers

February 26, 2008

“The Music Garden”

Classical Cellist Yo Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No.1….

(Will Mr. Ma play music for Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture?   Renee will just have to ask him and see….)

Yo Yo Ma

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an ‘output’ deal valued at $73.5 million dollars….

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Preview: The Academy Awards!

February 21, 2008

                       Oscar trophy

New Awards: Sunday, February 24, 2008 5pm PST on ABC….  Don’t Miss It!


New Film Whiz ?:

                           “A Leg Up” concepts/illustrations

                                      “A Leg Up”


                                   Beven Carnes

       This animated short film (“A Leg Up”) was given a “Student Academy Award”….It beat out 500 other competitors and won the “Bronze Medal”. Well,  me thinks Steamboat Willie wants to sign Beven to a contract at Disney. 

         (Renee’s Aside:  Disney always gives a leg up  to talent like Beven’s ….)

View Beven’s Short Film (click link below):

Disney’s Steamboat Willie

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’  first motion picture, in movie theatres worldwide, under an output deal valued at $ 73.5 million dollars…. 

FUTURE FRIDAY: A “New” Service (from AT &T)

February 21, 2008

AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson

New Service:

AT &T’s “Live Share” as promoted by AT&T’s chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson, pictured above….

Renee Ashley Baker is with AT&T.  Meaning that Renee Baker Studios currently uses  AT&T’s cell phone service (aka AT&T Wireless).  And… Renee Baker Studios will use AT&T’s wireless internet card (for laptops) and AT&T’s new multi-function “Blackjack” .

 (Note:  Renee has said NO to “Cricket Phone Company”.  Cricket Phone Company is in Renee Ashley Baker’s toilet and the Cricket Phone Company’s executives will “go to jail” if they don’t stay away from Renee Ashley Baker.  I don’t want to hear anybody else –anywhere–say the word “Cricket phone company” to me….Is that clear?…Now–back to ‘my’ company–AT & T….)

Other ‘great’  AT&T products:  “AT&T’s Video Conferencing”  for businesses.  (View the AT&T website below to find out more about this product):

AT&T:  www

(Renee’s Aside:  I’ll take that seat on AT&T’s board Mr. Stephenson.   Renee’s AT&T  AT  Renee Baker Studios….Pshaw!).

AT&T logo

Glamorous Wednesday: Help from Watchers (post #963)

February 20, 2008

                                    Sarah Ferguson                                                               


                                                Sarah Duchess of Yorksarah-duchess-of-york-by-jp-1958-on-flickr.gif

       The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson….

                             Spokeswoman for WeightWatchers….

                                 (“Keep on keeping it off Duchess!”)


Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under an ‘output deal’ valued at $73.5 million dollars….


February 18, 2008

                                                          President John F Kennedy

Archive: The Speeches of President John F. Kennedy


President Ronald Reagen


“Our people look for a cause to believe in.  Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of not pale pastels, but BOLD COLORS which make it unmistakably clear  where we stand on all of the issues troubling the People…” –RONALD W. REAGAN  (03/01/1975)

Video Below For First Lady Nancy: “Recover Soon”–Renee Ashley Baker

Learn: Presidential Code Names (continued)


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History Monday: Presidents’ Day !

February 15, 2008

          Did you know that presidential code names have little to do with the actual ‘safety’ of the President?   Once upon a time….presidential code names were useful when radio and phone communications were “unsecured” and could easily be picked up by outsiders.   Nowadays, however, the military and the Secret Service can communicate over highly “secured” lines — making a presidential code name irrelevant.  Still, habit lives on…as you’ll see below.

          (Renee’s Aside: “All presidential code names are chosen by the U.S. Military.  George Bush, Jr was given his code name back during his ‘rowdy days’ when his dad –George Bush, Sr– was still President.  It takes too long to say, let’s go get ‘George who can really throw one back’.    So,  the Secret Service shortened it, and said,  instead, ‘Let’s go get Tumbler’ ….Tee, hee, hee”….)

special thanks: Code Name  ‘Pickle’

P.S.  Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service Code Name is “Evergreen”.  Evergreen!  Evergreen!   But–I thought?   Duh-Whuuuut???????…

President George Bush,Jr  Code Name: Tumbler

Code Name: Timber Wolf President George Bush, Sr 

President Bill Clinton  Code Name:  Eagle

  Code Name: Rawhide President Ronald Reagen

Can you guess President Kennedy’s ?  

                             (Renee’s Hint:  “Guinevere” )

President John F Kennedy 1   

                                                               President John F Kennedy

Code Name:  “Lancer”….

also…special thanks: The Washington Post (for the research).

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”From Renee Ashley Baker Post #1063

February 14, 2008

                 Flaming Heart by Tammy Wetzel

A Flaming Heart by Tammy Wetzel on Flickr….