Maureen O’Hara’s Miracle Blue Topaz                                     



                                                                         Maureen O’Hara in Miracle on 34th St                                            


                                                       Miracle On 34th St 2

( I,  Renee Ashley Baker,  will “not” be “going to lunches” I will,  however be having dinner with U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy  and with Disney’s Robert Iger  in my new home in Washington DC  as–I will be Executive Producing Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture which,  will be  disributed by Disney in movie theatres worldwide….)

Miracle On 34th Street Natalie Wood


                                   Caroline Kennedy


Best Actor:

Andy Griffith 1

              Andy Griffith 2 “A Face In The Crowd” dvd panel

Andy Griffith in “his” best performance turn in “A Face In The Crowd”.

Best Movies To See In Movie Theatres On Christmas Day:

National Treasure 1

Disney’s “National Treasure” (starring Nicholas Cage);  “Charlie Wilson’s War” (starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts);  “Atonement” (starring Vanessa Redgrave);  “Alien vs Predator” (from 20th Century Fox) plus… “August Rush”,  “Starting Out In The Evening”,  “Reservation Road”,   “I’m Not There”,  “P.S. I Love You”,  “The Bucket List”,  “The Kite Runner”, “Walk Hard”,   and “The Jane Austen Book Club”…. 

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Charlie Wilson’s War

pictured above: Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts starring in “Charlie Wilson’s War”

Best Movies Now On DVD: 

Legend: “The Elvis Collection” and “The Shirley Temple Collection” (at tvatlas.com);   Music: “Help” (starring The Beatles);   Action: “Blade Runer: The Final Cut” and “Live Free or Die Hard”;   Comic Book: “Spider-Man 3”;   Toys Come To Life: “Transformers”;   Wizardry: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix”;   Politics: “Lives Of Others” and “American Movie: The Documentary”;  Mystery/Thriller: “The DaVinci Code”.

Best Singing In Italian:


Best Opera Singer:  Pavarotti

Best Gifts: What Renee Ashley Baker Got For  Christmas


Renee’s Chanel evening gown     

                                                                 Jimmy Choo Shoe Store

Renee’s pair of million dollar Jimmy Choo stilletos for “walker”  (thank you Disney, thank you Senator Kennedy and thank you Mr. Choo and they’ll stay in the Citibank bank safety deposit box).

                Fendi Russian Sable Coat

Renee’s Russian Sable Coat by Fendi

white Rolls Royce Corniche

Renee’s white-on-white Rolls Royce Corniche

                              Baronet Schoenbek

Renee’s $5.2 million dollar Washington DC mansion

Disney will distribute Renee Baker Studios’ first motion picture in movie theatres worldwide under a $73.5 million dollar output deal….

(Renee says, “Thank you Disney!” )

And…Best Recipes–For The Christmas Holidays: 

(From the “Opera”,  from Japan and  from China just  click link below)


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