Glamorous Wednesday: BEST JOURNALISTS

                           Maria Shriver

First Lady Maria Schwarzenegger (NBC’s “The Today Show”)

                                 Barbara Walters and Peter Brown

Barbara Walters ( ABC’s “The View”)

                                                  Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols

Diane Sawyer ( ABC’s “Prime Time Live”)

                    Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan              “Hey Baby !”

Best Pick Up Line: “Hey baby, wanna come up and see my essay on monopoly?”

Above is the “pick up line” that was used by ubereconomist Alan Greenspan with now wife Andrea Mitchell….(“Oh Brother!  Ooops–I mean –Oh, Has–Bro–ther!–Get it–Hasbro–as in Monopoly?”)



Other Best Journalist are:

Cokie Roberts       Cokie Roberts Founding Mothers Book panel

Cokie Roberts (ABC News)  

    Katie CouricThe Brand New Kid book panel

  Katie Couric (CBS News)


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