Television Tuesday: Best TV Studio

                     The Tonight Show Johnny Carson

                                                                                                   Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers

                                         Don Rickles

                                                                   Johnny Carson portrait

Quote: “Good-bye Johnny Carson” — Renee Ashley Baker

(Read “Bill Katz Remembers The Tonight Show” on  Powerline Blog).

And….Best Catalog Gifts For Midwesterners :

Here’s Johnny!  (“The Johnny Carson Retrospective); Heirloom Jigsaw Puzzle (“The Reaches of New York City”–1313 pieces); Art to write with (The “Frank Lloyd Wright Fountainhead Pen”); Raiders of the Lost Ark (“The Indiana Jones Fedora”); Renee Ashley Baker’s Swedish Winter Clogs (The “Merrell Shearling Slide”); Wine Chiller (The “Wine Jacket”) Brain Bowl (“The Brain Fitness Program”). 

You can purchase the above items and more at Herringtoncatalog com…. 

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