Glamorous Wednesday: Cells & Make Up

  Best Good Sport:

 Shira Barlow is my “Best Good Sport” because she got Paris Hilton’s old cell phone number — and kept on smiling — even at 2 a.m. in the morning!…

(How does  that song go?  — “Ring, Ring, Telephone Ring”….)    

                Shira Barlow

               Paris Hilton phone 1Paris Hilton 3Paris Hilton 3Paris Hilton phone 5

                            Paris Hilton in Shanghai

 “Happy Birthday, Paris”  from  Renee Ashley Baker

Best Holiday Make Up:


                     Drew Barrymore Cover Girl

                         Japanese eye lash

                      Stella’s Eye 

Holiday Glitter: Body Glitter (Hard Candy or Benefit); Nail Glitter (Hard Candy or Harry Winston’s Diamond Chip Manicure); Eye Glitter (Chanel or Hard Candy); Eye Lashes (Shu Uemura’s real mink lashes); and For Lips (Benefit Lip Jewels, Bobby Brown Lip Gloss, Mac Lipglass); For face vavoom (Alexis Cosmetics);  For the bath (Gilchrist & Soames Glycerin Soap);  For soft hands and feet (LaMer hand cream, Barielle hand cream, or Kleenex’s new Spa Sensials socks and gloves that you sleep in).

Chanel Make up lesson: “The Pretty Asian Eye”  (click link below) 

(pictured above:Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl, Japanese outrageus eye, and “Stella’s Eye” by Kt  Snooch).

            Shu Uemura 

Mac Lipglass

Gold fingernail                                                                                   Gilchrist and Soames

Kleenex Spa Sensials

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