Best History Monday:The Reporter & The Dancer

                                                                                        Edward R Murrow in London

Walter Cronkite 1 Walter Cronkite 3

                                          Mike Wallace Between You and me Book panel

Chet Huntley   David Brinkley

             Dan Rather                  Peter Jennings

               Tom Brokaw  Boom by Tom Brokaw book panel          

                                Jack Anderson

Bill O’Reilly  Culture Warrior book panel

               Woodward and Bernstein

                                       All The Presidents Men Book Panel

Matt Drudge

(pictured above are: Edward R. Murrow  and “The Birth of Broadcast Journalism”; Walter Cronkite from Missouri; Mike Wallace and Hyperion; Huntley and Brinkley; Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw; Jack Anderson: Confessions of a Muckraker; Bill O’Reilly ,  “Woodstein” aka Woodward and Bernstein of The Washington Post and newcommer Matt Drudge. Other best “American” journalists  include: Daniel Shore, Drew Pearson, Seymour Hersh, and Mike Royko.)

                                           Bob Woodruff

Best War Correspondents:

(pictured above: ABC’s Bob Woodruff.  Other best “American” war correspondents are: Daniel Pearlman, Molly Bingham, Peter Jennings and Dan Rather….and so it goes…which–was said by some female….).

Ballet de Moscow

Best Ballerina

(pictured above: The Great Moscow Ballet in “The Nutcracker”)

Moscow Ballet Nutracker

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