Most Expensive History Monday: HIS

                                Ralph Lauren purple label

He Dresses: Ralph Lauren purple label (Did you know that Kevin Costner got married in a Ralph Lauren purple label tuxedo ?)

                                           Rolex sport mens

He Wears: Rolex (sport)

                             Montegrappa ink pen

He Writes: Montegrappa ink pen (Price: $100,000)

Lamborghini supercar $1.6 mil

He Drives: Lamborghini Supercar (Price: $1.6 million dollars)

                                               Lear Jet

He Flies: Lear Jet

            Venitian Casino Macau

He Gambles: Venetian Macau (Price to build: $2.4 billion dollars)

Imperial Vienna

He Sings:  Vienna Austria (He’d stay at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna pictured above)

                                                 Escargot and Chateau Lafite

He Eats and Drinks:  Escargo and Chateau Lafite

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