Updown Palace

Updown Palace

            Four Seasons Ocean Residences $3 mil

         Sherle Wagner Gold Sink

Hidden TV

                                       Ann Getty arm chair

                              Klavierhaus Grand Piano from Austria

For US: 

Veteran’s Day

Quote 1: “Because of the men and women who have fought so bravely,  in so many wars,  we remain bequeathed,  both hearth and home” — Renee Ashley Baker

Quote 2 (re: gold leaf wallpaper):  “As a girl I grew up in a mini-mansion that had been brought over,  piece by piece,  from France.  It had four bedrooms and a fireplace in every room.  The house (the mini-mansion) also had “gold leaf” wallpaper on the walls” –Renee Ashley Baker

For Them:

Most Expensive: La Maison

Pictured above: “Updown Court Palace” in England, which has gold leaf wallpaper on it’s walls (price: $120 million dollars), “The Pinnacle” in the USA (price: $120 million dollars), Ocean Residences by Four Seasons (price: $3.8 million per residence),  Sherle Wagner gold sink (the “Rose Garland”), (price: $600) French Arm Chair by Ann Getty (price: $100,000), Klavierhaus Grand Piano from Austria (price: from $90,000-$160,000), and for  any not shown “dream house” that you may be interested in –visit:  Sotheby’s International

Sotheby’s International Realty

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