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Future Friday: Diamond Setting

November 29, 2007

                                                Christian Dior

For Him: This Diamond Ring

Christian Dior’s “Dauphin Incroyable”.  Price: $81,750 (79 carats)

              Most Expensive Chair

For Him: Seat of Power

The world’s most expensive office chair as shown at the royal Emirates Millionaires Show.   Price: $620,000


Most Expensive Futuristic Friday: Rocket Man vs Aqua Man ?

November 29, 2007

                                 Virgin’s Rocket

“And I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long Long Time” –Sir Elton John

                     Gibbs Acquadic

                               “I Can’t Drive 55!”

Sir Richard Branson: Billionaire, Philanthropist, Bon Vivant, and Man about Land, Air, Sea and Space….

Movie Thursday: “Lions For Lambs”

November 29, 2007

                Lions For Lambs

Lions For Lambs 2

Congrats Tom!  On being honored by the “Museum Of The Moving Image” in New York City….

See:  “Lions For Lambs”.  Now playing at a movie theatre near you…

Most Expensive Wedding: “TSK”

November 29, 2007

                                     TK wedding

Headline: “Lions For Weddings”

Dateline–Italy.  The “bride” wore white and underneath it all?  Three thousand dollars worth of “La Bra” lingerie.  The wedding took place at the fabulous and royal Odescalchi Castle (in Bracciano near Rome) which rents for a whopping $50,000 per week.  The ever necessary paparazzi were given prime wedding viewing spots (costing a cool $1500 per spot)….

               From this…. TK wedding


To this….

Quote: “Can somebody tell me what the hell he said?” — Renee Ashley Baker

Price:  $6 billion dollars (the total box office gross of Tom Cruise’s movies)


November 29, 2007

                                   Sharon Stone 1Sharon Stone 2

Sharon Stone says, “Is that a___in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”   Price:  Sharon gets at least $5 million a picture.

                                 Barbra Streisand 1

                                           Barbra Streisand 2

Barbra Streisand says, “Is that a ticket in your pocket because scalpers really make me mad!” (Note: In the U.K. all it took was 20 minutes and tickets to Babs concert were sold out!    Price: $1530 per ticket!)

                                        Catherine Deneuve

                                          Catherine Deneuve 2

Catherine Deneuve

Question:  What is your favorite hero of fiction?

Catherine’s answer: Mandrake The Magician

Question: What is your greatest extravagance?

Catherine’s answer: Spending all my money when I was 17 years old on a Hermes Kelly Bag.

Q:  What is your motto?

Catherine’s answer: With a valiant heart, nothing is impossible.

                                                Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe says, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”…(Renee Ashley Baker says that too–so there!)

special thanks: Getty Images for the Sharon Stone in Monte Carlo photo

Most Expensive Glamorous Wednesday: “Queen!”

November 29, 2007

                                             Queen Marie Antoinette’s Pearls

Queen Won:

Above, Marie Antoinette’s  pearls, which, are to be auctioned by Christie’s of London in December.  It seems– that a bag of pearls and diamonds were given to Lady Sutherland of England by  France’s last queen. (“What A BFF!”)   Price Expected: $800,000

                           Lana Marks Cleopatra clutch

Queen Too:

Above, Cleopatra’s diamonds, which, are by Lana Marks and are sold only at Harvey Nichols in Dubai.  Price of Cleo’s Clutch: $100,000.


November 29, 2007

                 The 11th Hour                                                           

Documentary: “The 11th Hour” produced by Leo DiCaprio.

(Leo–or Stolichnaya–on ice, anyone?)

           Stolichnaya 2                                Leo DiCaprio The 11th Hour

Most Expensive Movie Tuesday: ICE

November 29, 2007

The Wild Martini  Or  The Wild Jack (London)

          Martini              Polar Bear

Have a martini made with Stoli (Apres Ski) at:

1.  The Klosters (where Prince Willem and Prince Harry swoosh).

2.  The Corvigilia Club in Switzerland (where other of Europe’s Royals swoosh).

3.  Gstaad and St. Moritz , Switzerland (where the jet set swoosh).


Hear the call of the wild (Antartica) at:

1.  The Great White Polar Bear Exploration. (Call: Travel Wild Exhibiitions at 800-368-0077).

2.  Artic Exploration –includes “dog sledding”.  (Call: Artic Odysseys at 800-574-3021).


View: “The 11th Hour”

View:  “The Walrus”

The Walrus

Addendum To Monday: Shopping with Cyber Bob

November 27, 2007

         Mondera Diamond

For Robert:

Pictured above, “The Mondera Diamond”.  A 60.19 carat, D-color, “flawless” diamond.

Purchaser: Robert Mouawad.      Price:  “priceless”

“Say Wha?” –you say?  You’re “not” interested in the Mondera Diamond? And–you say you missed Cyber Monday?  Then — check out the websites below for some terrific online Christmas shopping. (But–go easy–last year on Cyber Monday online shoppers spent a whopping $600 million dollars !)….

Christmas Shopping (Online)

I.  For Him

II.  For Her

III.  For The Kids

IV.  For Them

A.  (Misc)

B.  Food & Wine





(kosher gourmet)

(confections and desserts)

(wine & spirits)

Most Expensive History Monday: HIS

November 25, 2007

                                Ralph Lauren purple label

He Dresses: Ralph Lauren purple label (Did you know that Kevin Costner got married in a Ralph Lauren purple label tuxedo ?)

                                           Rolex sport mens

He Wears: Rolex (sport)

                             Montegrappa ink pen

He Writes: Montegrappa ink pen (Price: $100,000)

Lamborghini supercar $1.6 mil

He Drives: Lamborghini Supercar (Price: $1.6 million dollars)

                                               Lear Jet

He Flies: Lear Jet

            Venitian Casino Macau

He Gambles: Venetian Macau (Price to build: $2.4 billion dollars)

Imperial Vienna

He Sings:  Vienna Austria (He’d stay at the Imperial Hotel in Vienna pictured above)

                                                 Escargot and Chateau Lafite

He Eats and Drinks:  Escargo and Chateau Lafite