Miley Cyrus

                      Brenda Song

Glamorous Wednesday: Renee’s Disney favorites (Miley & Brenda)

For The Fans: (“Not!”)

The most expensive prices ever paid for a scalped concert ticket is the $3200 that scalpers were getting for a Miley Cyrus (aka Hanna Montana) concert ticket. (Reportedly– Miley–er Hanna–called her manager and she was fit to be tied (er–ticketed !)….and

For the Style

The most expensive “walk-in closet” that I’ve seen is the one in Brenda Song’s rich girl bedroom on Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. 

(Now–I want “my”  walk-in closet in Washington DC to look just like the one Brenda has on the show.  I’d like the name of your “closet designer”  er set designer –okay Bren ?)

Movie to see:  Disney’s “The Nightmare Before A Christmas”.


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