Club Noble Rot


Did you know that the “most expensive” (that is–the rich and famous and the royal) have their own “watering holes?”

The late great “Regine” was the Queen of  “dancing hearts”.  I missed Regine but I used to go dancing at  a nightclub –a dance club–owned by Princess Stephanie of Monaco and I got caught in the “spotlight” dancing on stage wearing a dress that I recently saw on Jessica Simpson.  But–I’ve gotten serious and I’m going to “executive produce a movie in Washington DC about Washington DC” ….

Past and present the “nightclub” greats are: Club Noble Rot (London), The Buddha Bar (Paris) Harry’s Bar (Rome) any Amy Stacco club (New York).

                           Aileen Mehle aka Suzy


Did you know that the “most expensive”  (aka “the social butterflies) have their own website?  They do and it’s written and edited by uberwebmaster to the rich David Patrick Columbia. 

(David Patrick Columbia is Italian but–does anybody know–if David Patrick Columbia is a Columbia university “Columbia” or is he  a Columbia movie studios “Columbia?”….)

Movie to see:  “Lions For Lambs”

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