Victorian EleganceAudrey Hepburn

Quote About My Mother: “In the 1950’s and 1960’s my mother dressed like the women (the fashion models) in Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine.  She owned (and wore) three mink coats (a mink stroller, a mink stole, and a real leopard skin coat with a real leopard skin hat to match).  She also owned (and wore) real crocodile heels with real crocodile handbag to match.  She also owned (and wore) real diamond jewelry and she owned (and wore) real pearls that came from Mikimoto of Japan.  (And…she smelled good because she wore real french perfume from Paris…”Je Reviens de Worth”….) — Renee Ashley Baker

Harper’s Bazaar is currently celebrating “140 Years of Style”.  (Did you know that the very first issue of Bazaar premiered in 1867 and cost 10 cents ?).

View above:  “1956 Harper’s Bazaar cover featuring the fabulous Audrey Hepburn”…. 


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