Suri Baby Gap                     

Dateline New York–Little Suri on a “go see”?  It seems that Little Suri (daughter of Tom & Katie Cruise) has taken New York City by storm.   She is the ‘new face of Baby Gap’.  Our sources tell us that while in New York Little Suri went on a “photo session” and that  when  lights and cameras were being ‘set up for her photo shoot’  she began “acting out” in grand model style.  Sources at the photo session spotted Little Suri taking in a “white substance” through a straw (“Got Milk!”–said Suri).  That she was  dancing around to jiggly sounds that boomed loudly from the Sony stereo speakers (“The Wiggles!”–shouted Suri).  Then, sources tell us, that “from all that acting” Little Suri  just passed out cold (“Sleepy, Okay!” –yelled Suri, just before she conked out)….

  Tsk, by the way, stands for Tom, Suri, Katie. And –Have ‘You’ Got Milk?

special thanks: Tomkat Crazy and


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